About the Festival

Das Improv Festival is a community-produced improv festival, hosted and run by Comedy Café Berlin and The CCB Training School. Our festival is aimed at providing a platform for alternative improv comedy here in Berlin & Europe – focused on a North-American approach to improv and centered on 3 guiding principles:
  • The Basics: We believe a strong foundation in the core elements of improv is of utmost importance before anything else: LISTEN. AGREE. SUPPORT. AND HAVE FUN!
  • Truth: We believe truth is necessary for successful comedic improv. Focusing on relationships and grounding strong, fun, emotionally honest characters in reality allows improv to resonate with audiences.
  • Game: We believe finding, exploring and heightening unusual things, patterns and relationships provide the bedrock for rich, satisfying, comedic scenes. Playing the game of the scene gives improv its shape and comedic identity.

Festival Organization

Josh Telson (Festival Co-Lead)
Noah Telson (Festival Co-Lead)
Programming Committee
Antonia Bär (Instructor Relations Lead)
Trevor Silverstein (Performer Relations Lead)
Amanda King
Nacho Sanguinetti
Steindór Grétar Jónsson
Mac Edgerly
Caroline Clifford
Marketing Committee
Michele Guido (Marketing Lead)
Carl Clancy (Web Design)
Janina Rook
Jakob Wagner (Sponsorship)
Operations Committee
Matilde Keizer (Operations Lead)
Emma Aldridge
Marisa Llamas
Julieta Degese
Amy Condelle