save the date 28th September to 1st October
Berlin’s alternative improv festival!
Thanks for an amazing 2023 Festival!

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Das Headliners 2023

We had an amazing slate of headline acts from around the world – including Orange Tuxedo, The Bozos, and Derek’s Mojo! – plus top-notch workshops and intensives, and all the best improv Berlin itself has to offer. Sign up for our mailing list to get notified about Das2024.

Orange Tuxedo

orange tuxedo team image

Orange Tuxedo (Los Angeles, CA) is a two person improv show from a husband and wife team. They perform “Close Quarters”, with a focus on creating grounded relationships formed by eccentric characters.

If you like comedy, you may have seen Craig wear various mustaches and costume pieces on Comedy Central’s Drunk History. If you like drunken history, you may have seen Carla drink various beers on Instagram.

The Bozos

Will Hines, Sarah Claspell and Jim Woods may need no introduction but we’ll give you one anyway. These veteran performers all teach regular classes at the LA and online-based World’s Greatest Improv School.

They will be bringing some of that Los Angeles pizzazz to Berlin performing a headline show as ‘The Bozos’ as well as giving Europeans a chance to witness a WGIS workshop in their own timezone!

the bozos team image

Derek’s Mojo

Derek's Mojo team image

Derek’s MoJo presents Questionable Behaviour. A follies’ folly of exploded truths, twisted tropes, taboos and other unmentionables. Get ready for a fun, fast, feminist farce.

Starring Comedy Store Players regular Monica Gaga with stage and screen veteran Jodyanne FR.

Join Derek’s MoJo and prepare for comedy, debauchery and fun all inspired by you!

Das Improv Festival is back! We had an incredible festival in 2019, featuring teams from across Europe and North America, and then in 2020, for some reason, no one wanted to travel…

But better late than never again! We celebrated our second festival from 28th September to 1st October, 2023 and we’ll be back for year 3 in 2024!