Submissions FAQ

How long are performance spots?

25 minutes! In order to ensure that as many teams as possible can perform, we’re only able to offer accepted teams 25 minutes on stage.

Can we perform in a language other than English?

Due to the international nature of the festival and our audience, we would strongly prefer all teams perform in English.

We have an amazing short form team, can we apply?

No. Many people in our community come from short form backgrounds so we love and appreciate the form, but Das Improv Festival is exclusively focused on providing a platform for long form improv comedy.

Is there a submission fee?

No! We will ask for a modest fee from each performer in an accepted team to cover logistical costs, but you’ll get a t-shirt, free entry to all shows and a bunch of other swag!

Will there be musical accompaniment?

No. However, if you have a musical improv group, we will provide a keyboard (but you will be expected to bring your own keyboardist).

What about applications to teach workshops?

Stay tuned! Teacher applications will open shortly. If you’re not already, subscribe to our mailing list to get notified when they open.